CUPE Local 4098 - rouge

We proudly represent the 1000+ Flight Attendants working at Air Canada Rouge based in Toronto & Montreal


You are now a member of a large flight attendant family! As such, each of us contributes a small percentage of our earnings (known as union dues) to maintain the proper functioning of the union. As a member, you have access to certain benefits and privileges that many workers in non-unionized employees are not entitled to. These include, but are not limited to, access to negotiated group benefits, short term disability insurance through the union, a structured system of rules for awarding flying fairly throughout your career, collective bargaining of salary and retirement plans, representation by the union when meeting with management, and a set grievance process when problems arise. The union also addresses issues of a general concern to all flight attendants such as governmental legislation and labour issues. Union representatives are elected officials from our very own flight attendant family. As a member, you also have a say on how your union is run. We host regular General Membership Meetings that every member is invited to attend and we have several local and component committees in which our members can get involved and of course, every member is eligible to run for an elected position. We are a big family with members of diverse backgrounds and experiences and we are here to support each other. Just like in any big families, we have our disagreements… but at the end of the day we always have each other’s backs. Stop by our local office during office hours, meet your elected representatives and welcome to the family!


A word about social media, company e-mail accounts & using company computers: The employer (Air Canada) is extremely strict in enforcing its social media & electronics policy. If you are participating in social media, you shouldn’t demonstrate any association (no photos with uniforms or employment status, etc.) with the employer. Any e-mails sent or received on your “Air Canada” e-mail can be monitored by the company, as well as any time you use the Company’s computers these are also monitored.